ALS-8988 The practicalities of DeepMatch-ing people and jobs at web scale | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Sydney 2019
from Thursday 16 May to Friday 17 May 2019.

   The practicalities of DeepMatch-ing people and jobs at web scale


Rise of the machines
Rise of the machines
Intermediate level
Jones Friday from 11:10 til 12:00

Clever machine learning without robust scalable engineering is a like a nice brunch without coffee: delicious but not sustaining. In this talk we will share with you both the machine learning effort and the engineering smarts behind SEEK's new Top Applicant Badge. We'll outline the ensemble of algorithms we built, the joys(!) of making LightGBM and Tensorflow play nice at scale and the lessons we’ve learned in how to version a complex pipeline, split the computational effort for maximum speed at inference, backfill and hot switch a new model.

Machine learning   AWS Lambda   NLP   AI applications  
Oliver Mannion
Oliver Mannion

Oliver is a software engineer who enjoys working alongside statisticians, data curators, bioinformaticians, and more recently data scientists. Together they endeavour to build better search experiences and data-powered products.

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