OHN-8291 Apache Kafka Three Ways | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Sydney 2019
from Thursday 16 May to Friday 17 May 2019.

   Apache Kafka Three Ways


Rise of the machines
Rise of the machines
Intermediate level
Conference Room 3 Thursday from 09:00 til 17:30

Join us for a masterclass on Apache Kafka and Streaming Compute.

From an overview of Kafka’s nuts and bolts through a practical deep-dive into building real systems, we explore:

Kafka as a Message Broker. Kafka as a Streaming Compute Platform. Kafka as a Distributed Database. We begin with a discussion of Kafka’s architecture, then address a specific problem, attacking it test-first, deploy and run our streaming solution against a live cluster, then extend our solution demonstrating Kafka’s many layers.

You will learn where Apache Kafka has come from, how it works, what problem it addresses, when it is suitable to adopt, and where it is headed. We demonstate scalability, availability, domain modelling, semantic partitioning, the consume-transform-produce idiom, basic operations, the Kafka Streams DSL, when to use the Processor API, local state, idempotence, immutability, and most importantly how to build real systems that leverage Apache Kafka correctly.

All developers welcome, bring your laptop and curiosity. Examples in Java and Clojure for the adventurous.

Who we are: the most experienced Kafka practitioners in Australia, delivering production systems since 2012.

Derek Troy-West
Derek Troy-West
From Troy-West

I run a boutique consultancy that specialises in the design, delivery, review, and operation of high availability, linearly scalable, Streaming Data Platforms. I'm a life-long coder who contributes to a number of open source projects, with a specific focus on Apache Kafka, and Apache Cassandra.

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