SQF-3585 Building a reporting solution in established microservices architecture | Voxxed Days

Voxxed Days Sydney 2019
from Thursday 16 May to Friday 17 May 2019.

   Building a reporting solution in established microservices architecture


Tech tour of companies
Tech tour of companies
Intermediate level
Broadway Friday from 15:00 til 15:50

So you have a project. This project is all about migrating off THE legacy system. Your legacy system is not amazing to begin with – you need to re-imagine every feature you currently have. You have started with working on low to medium effort wins and slowly rebuilding similar functionalities. Time passes and you have ended up with a platform comprised of a bunch of microservices and distributed data. You have ran out of the low-to-medium effort capabilities you can pick and you need to start tacking the hard stuff. One of those hard things is reporting….

Reporting is one of those capabilities that has been flagged as things to tackle earlier on but everyone kept procrastinating on it for very good business reasons. All the sudden you have a new product handled entirely by the platform you worked so hard on and you need reporting in 2 months. Time to roll up your sleeves…

This talk is about how we managed to deliver reporting on time and what approach did we take to get there.

Olga Goloshchapova
Olga Goloshchapova
From REA Group

I love tech, I love talking about tech, I love listening about tech, I love ranting about tech, and I am doing it with a lot of passion.

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